Terms of use

Terms of use

WikiLeads Terms of Use

Last Updated: 11/28/2023

1. Introduction

  • These Terms govern your use of the WikiLeads services, including digital marketing, AI software solutions, and related offerings.

2. Services Description

  • Detailed explanation of WikiLeads’ services, emphasizing digital marketing strategies, AI-driven solutions, and bespoke software development.

3. User Responsibilities

  • Outline of user conduct expectations, data provision accuracy, and prohibitions against misuse of services.

4. Intellectual Property

  • Clarification of ownership of intellectual property developed or utilized within the scope of services.

5. Confidentiality

  • Commitment to confidentiality regarding user data and proprietary information.

6. Payment Terms

  • Detailed structure of payment for services, tailored to company size and revenue, including basic, advanced, and premium plans.

7. Service Modification

  • Terms regarding the potential modification or discontinuation of services.

8. Cancellation and Refund Policy

  • Conditions under which services can be cancelled and refunds issued.

9. Limitations of Liability

  • Disclaimer limiting WikiLeads’ liability in connection with service provision.

10. User-Generated Content

  • Policies governing content created or submitted by users, including rights and responsibilities.

11. Third-Party Links and Services

  • Statement on interactions with third-party services and external links.

12. Changes to Terms

  • Provision for updating the Terms of Use and notification procedures for users.

13. Governing Law and Dispute Resolution

  • Jurisdiction and legal framework governing the agreement.

14. Contact Information

  • Channels for communication and inquiries about these terms.

15. Acknowledgment and Acceptance

  • Clause where users acknowledge understanding and agreement to these terms.

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