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Help & Faqs
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General Question

1. How long will it take before I see better rankings in google?

The time it will take for your website's search engine rankings to begin improving depends on several of its characteristics prior to optimization. Older websites, with diverse backlink portfolios and more trust from search engines

2. How long do search engine results last?

Search engine result longevity varies, influenced by content quality, search engine algorithm updates, market competition, and user behavior changes. High-quality, regularly updated content tends to retain rankings longer amidst these fluctuating factors.

3. Are first place rankings for competitive keywords?

Achieving first place rankings for competitive keywords is challenging but possible. It requires a robust SEO strategy, focusing on high-quality, relevant content, strong backlinks, and continual optimization to align with search engine algorithms and user search intent. Success depends on the specific market, competition, and keyword difficulty.

4. Why should I choose WikiLeads SEO?

When considering WikiLeads SEO, assess our proven track record, client testimonials, customized strategies, expertise in current SEO trends, and transparency in reporting and communication. Our effectiveness in improving search rankings and driving organic traffic should also be a key factor.

5. How much does search engine optimization cost?

Search engine optimization costs vary widely, depending on factors like business size, project scope, market competitiveness, and service level. Prices range from a few hundred to several thousand dollars monthly for comprehensive, ongoing SEO strategies tailored to specific business needs.

Price Question

1. Are there any monthly fees for search engine optimization?

Monthly fees for search engine optimization are common, as ongoing efforts are needed to maintain and improve rankings. The costs vary based on company size and specific requirements, with tailored strategies often necessitating a range of monthly investment levels.

2. How does search engine optimization work?

Search engine optimization (SEO) enhances website visibility in search engines through strategies like keyword optimization, quality content creation, link building, and improving site structure. It aligns websites with search algorithms to boost rankings and attract more organic traffic.

3. Will search engine optimization change how my website looks?

Search engine optimization typically focuses on behind-the-scenes aspects like content, site structure, and metadata, rather than the website's visual design. However, some SEO improvements might involve enhancing user experience, which can include minor changes to layout or navigation for better usability.

4. Why do some SEO companies offer very low prices?

SEO companies offering very low prices may use standardized, less effective strategies, potentially cutting corners or employing outdated techniques. These lower-cost services might not provide the customized, comprehensive approach needed for impactful, long-term search engine ranking improvements. Quality often correlates with price in SEO.

5. Is website search optimization difficult to perform?

Website search optimization can be complex, requiring an understanding of ever-evolving search engine algorithms, technical website aspects, and effective content strategies. It demands continuous learning, adaptation, and a strategic approach, making it challenging, especially for those without specialized SEO knowledge or experience.

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